Why Agile in 2021?

In these uncertain times of COVID-19, fake news, uncertain employment, and other social and economic problems throughout the world, I...
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Accomplishing Personal Goals Using Agile

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash In a recent podcast, I encouraged my listeners to break their personal goals or...
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Dealing with a Dinosaur

Photo by Umanoide on Unsplash It is said that dinosaurs went extinct about sixty-six million years...
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Stealing Fire from the Gods: Becoming a GREAT Leader

In 2008, the technology Titan, Google, launched an internal company wide review to find out what made a manager GREAT!...
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Agile Values and the Four Pillars of the Agile Mindset

As I travel around the world conducting workshops, people often ask me what ‘best practices,’ processes, tools, and frameworks will...
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Co-Active Coach Training from the Perspective of a Left-Brain Agile Coach

That which does not kill us makes us stronger - F. Nietzsche As those of you who follow my blog...
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